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Hi, I'm probably not a dog, but that is the face you see to the right.  I say "probably" because there is a lot of uncertainty in our world.  Uncertainty about the future, the past, quantum particles...

The dog picture is that of a German Shepard, because I took a communication style quiz a while ago.  My style was a German Shepard,  which means I have an Analytical communication style:

"This style is precise, exact, analytical, and logical. Because the person with an Analytical communication style is systematic and task-oriented, he is sometimes perceived as a perfectionist. He is organized, self-reliant, purposeful, and diplomatic.
He is motivated by certainty and will rarely give an opinion unless asked. He is slow and cautious in his pace and likes a structured, ordered, and functional environment. Because he needs to feel sure of his position and others’ expectations, he is often private with personal information and does not easily express emotions."

-- Toastmasters International Pathways Understanding Your Communication Style

​I feel that was important to communicate. ;-)  

Personally, I've had a variety of experiences.  I like to  sample all the flavors life has to offer and dive into the dishes which are enjoyable and nutritious for the mind, body, and soul.  Those experiences will guide my advising, coaching, and mentoring to help you on your journey:

German Shepherd


  • Married since 2005. Father of two daughters. 

  • Multi-sport athlete and team leader as youth and adult.  Rugby State Champion in Division 1 Collegiate and Division 1 Adult. 

  • M.S. and dual B.S. in Electrical Engineering with 15+ years of engineering work experience. 

  • Currently, employed as a Level IV Senior Engineer at a Fortune 500 company.

  • Toastmaster Member since 2012.  Achieved Distinguished Toastmaster and Division Humorous Speech Contest Winner.  Served in leadership roles in the club and district.  Mentored and coached other Toastmasters.

  • Pursuing Life Coach accreditation.

  • Black Belt in Karate.  The specific style is a homegrown Mixed-Martial Arts style with Tae Kwon Do, Ninjitsu, and Jujitsu influences. 


  • Been arrested for vandalism.  

  • Been fired for "poor performance and neglecting duties."

  • Lost hours and eventually position due to budget cuts.  Had to relocate to a new position to maintain employment.

  • Terminated due to lost contract.

  • Terrified of public speaking to the point were I had difficulty with any type of speaking.

  • Been over $10k in debt.

  • Lost our first pregnancy.

  • Had wife threaten to leave multiple times over my behavior.

  • Lost a close friend to a car accident.

  • Diagnosed with Degenerative Disc Disease and Arthritis in my spine at age 35.

We can't learn or grow from accomplishments.  They are nice to wave around and can serve as credentials to get you in a door, but the experiences which lead to success are when you fail.  We learn from failure, because it presents an opportunity to discover the mistake and correct it.  Once it is corrected, all we can do is repeat that success over and over, but you can't grow from it.

My struggles have taught me that it is not about landing on your feet when you fall.  It is not just about getting back up after a failure.  Sometimes it is about recognizing that a door has been closed forever.  No matter how hard you claw at it, the door will not open.  It is time to walk away and find a new opportunity prepared with the knowledge gained from the previous experience.

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